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It's Easy. It Works. 

It Has Endless Uses. 

It Gets Every Last Drop.

The Bottle Stand Cool4School

The Bottle Stand is too Cool4School

Attention Teachers & Educators: The Bottle Stand is PERFECT for your Classroom and Students!

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The Bottle Stand is a stylish accessory strong enough for everyday use with Make-Up, Shampoo, Lotions, and more!

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NO More Waste

Crafters, Teachers, and Creators alike will enjoy getting the most out of their supplies with The Bottle Stand. Helping you STAND for creativity!


The Bottle Stand holds all your products upside down in the ready-to-use position so you get every...last...drop every time you use it.

PERFECT FOR PUMP BOTTLES! "Say goodbye to your wasteful pump bottles forever. When it gets to the bottom, toss the pump, put on a cap, and let The Bottle Stand do the rest."

Specifically designed for your convenience and bottle versatility. Amazingly lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest of bottles in every shape and size. 

It fills a need that everyone has. It's unique. It's one of a kind. It gives you back what used to be wasted product not to mention those wasted dollars left in the bottom of every bottle. It‘s the perfect gift for every occasion. It’s the perfect gift for YOU!


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Tall Bottles are a Perfect Fit. Perfect for Pump Bottles. No more waste!

Tall Bottles are a Perfect Fit. Perfect for Pump Bottles. No more waste!

Stylish, Easy-to-Clean, and Re-Usable.

Stylish, Easy-to-Clean, and Re-Usable.

Strong Durable Design. Endless Uses.

Strong Durable Design. Endless Uses.