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Invent: The Bottle Stand inverts your bottles

January 16, 2019 The Fresno Bee Newspaper

LOCAL Madera's Diane Fischer decided to invent The Bottle Stand to hold and make better use of bottles around the house.


Local invention helps you get every drop of your favorite product out of the bottle

January 29, 2019 ABC 30 Action News

INVENTION It's called the Bottle Stand and the way it works is pretty simple.

"It holds all your bottles upside down so that you never have to shake them," said creator Diane Fischer, creator of The Bottle Stand.

From honey to lotion, the uses are endless.

"You remove the pump (from a lotion bottle) and you put on one of the two caps that are provided and put it back in the bottle stand and it is always ready to go," said Fischer.

Diane Fischer, Creator of The Bottle Stand, on Central Valley Business

June 15, 2019 Central Valley Business

TELEVISION TALK SHOW Local Business Owner speaks with Mike Briggs about her invention, The Bottle Stand, and why it’s perfect for home, work, and for the classroom!

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