Classic Trio Bottle Stand Set (3pc)

Classic Trio Bottle Stand Set (3pc)


Limited Edition MIDNIGHT BLACK, BRILLIANT BRONZE, and ORIGINAL SILVER classic Bottle Stand three piece set.

TLimited Edition BRILLIANT BRONZE specialty Bottle Stand.

The Bottle Stand easily holds Bottles upside down. Perfect for Bath, Beauty, Kitchen, Crafts, Auto, Classroom, or Office this stylish sturdy invention is an elegant must have.

Helps save you money by eliminating waste. Fits Most Bottles. Durable and Reusable. Endless Uses. Efficiently designed to fit in corners of your Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, on any Counter, or in your Cabinet. Looks great on Tables too! Great for Shampoo Bottles, Lotions, Condiments, Household Cleaners, Art Supplies, and even for your Car enthusiast needs. 

Each Bottle Stand Order comes with 3 Classic Bottle Stands and 6 common size no waste Bottle Lids.

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